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Burger King is the American Global Restaurant chain offering their customers feedback on their customer satisfaction survey. The survey is to know how customers feel about their service and products. The feedback from the customers helps the company to meet the customer’s expectations. The Survey is an online mode in which the company directly asks some simple questions regarding their experience, and the survey allows speaking your mind without interruption.

Burger King’s customer satisfaction survey is a great opportunity for you to express your opinions and enable the company to enhance its services further. Participating in the survey takes only a few minutes and a recent valid Burger King receipt. As a token of appreciation for your time and feedback, the company is offering a validation code to get an offer on your next visit.

The survey covers different elements of customers’ experience at Burger King – Mybkexperience, including customer’s overall rating of the quality of food, speed of service, comfort and cleanliness of the restaurant, and any complaints that you may have. The company is to do this because they enable it better to comprehend the requirements and concerns of the customer and helps to shape their policies.

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This survey will help the company get valuable feedback from the customers. And in return, they hand out rewards as a form of gratitude, and this will also result in more customers participating in the survey. So this is a win-win situation.

Burger King

Burger King is an American global chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants. The Burger King was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida, as Insta-Burger King. The restaurant’s Headquarters is at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. Burger King Restaurants are well known for serving high quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. For their high-quality foods, many people visit them frequently. Their brand promise empowers the customers to make educated choices in customizing their meals to fit their lifestyle.

More than 11 million people visit Burger king stores around the world every day. Every time the company reviews its policy on its approach to customers. Burger King’s menu has expanded from a basic offering of burgers, French fries, sodas, and milkshakes to a larger and more diverse set of products. The Burger King Serves different Kinds of Burgers in vegetarian, chicken, and whoppers. Other items like King savers, Coolers, Desserts, and Hot Beverages.

The company began to move away from its previous male-oriented menu and introduce new menu items, product reformulation, and packaging as part of its current owner 3G Capital’s company’s restructuring plans. Burger King reported it had 15,738 outlets in 100 countries. Of these, 47.5% are in the United States, and 99.5% are privately owned and operated, with its new owners moving to an almost entirely franchised model. How the company licenses its franchisees varies depending on the region, with some regional franchises, known as master franchises, responsible for selling franchise sub-licenses on the company’s behalf.

How to do MyBkexperience Survey?

Things you need beforehand

  • A receipt from Burger King Netherlands.
  • A speedy Internet service.
  • A computer or smartphone to browse the site.
  • A few minutes to spare.
  • Familiarity with English, Spanish, or Dutch.

Secret Survey Tips For Unlimited Free Sandwiches

The best part is that you can do this as often as you like because it is unlimited, as long as you have the receipt to take the survey.

Survey Eligibility:

  • To enter the burger king survey, you must have a valid receipt from your recent meal at a burger king location.
  • You’ll need to save your receipt by entering the code on the receipt into the online survey
  • You’ll need to have a computer, mobile, or laptop to access the survey
  • You’ll also need to speak English or French, as those languages are offered in the survey. 
Requirement Valid Receipt Number
Language English, French, Spanish
Organization Burger King
Reward Free Whopper, Vouchers
Eligibility Anyone who visited the BK store.

Instructions on How to do MyBkexperience Feedback Survey

  1. Go to the survey page at Official Website
  2. The cookie policy will be explained. Learn more by reading the privacy policy or continue to the next page. Shift between the Dutch, Spanish, and English languages according to your preference.
  3. You’ll have to type the date, time, and restaurant number on your receipt on the welcome page.
  4. You will also be asked about the survey code. Press START to begin the survey.
  5. Assess your overall satisfaction based on the latest visit.
  6. Indicate the order type by choosing among the options.
  7. Gauge your approval of specific elements in the restaurant, including the food and the staff.
  8. Given all that you have witnessed, assess the probability that you will return within the month.
  9. Virtually the whole menu will be listed. Check everything that was included in your order.
  10. They are particularly interested in your level of satisfaction with their burgers. Provide your honest opinion.
  11. More specific questions will be asked on the next page. Indicate your satisfaction level with the size of the item, its appearance, its value, its taste, and its packaging. Indicate the likelihood that you’ll repurchase it.
  12. Describe your companions in a general sense and indicate how you learned about the survey.
  13. Answer the classification questions.
  14. Explain your ratings in greater depth.
  15. Get your validation code and use it accordingly.

Important Thing While Filling The Burger King Survey

When you fill the survey, keep in mind that first that you give your honest opinion second and most important thing if you want to earn the reward is that once you are done with the survey, put in the validation code. If you don’t put in the validation code, you will not use the codes given in the survey.  

How To Win A Free Whopper Sandwich At Burger King?

Burger King has always strived to stand out from the crowd, and that is why it always comes up with new offers to impress its customers. Burger King has now launched its new offer in which it has taken a TV on which a QR code will be shown.

So, this is how it works. There will be a Burger King advertisement on your Television on which a QR Code will be shown. You need to scan the QR code, and that will make you win a free Whopper Sandwich. You have to show the scanned code on your next order. 

Though there are some rules or limitations, first of all, you cannot scan the code from a YouTube video; the code needs to be scanned from television; otherwise, you won’t get your free sandwich. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the code can only be redeemed when you show the code to the cashier, implying that the code cannot be used on online orders or deliveries. 

Burger King has this offer valid for only 10,000 customers, so do not miss it if you see an ad. 

Another way you can win a free whopper sandwich or chicken sandwich is to fill the experience survey following the steps that we have mentioned in the above section of this article. Once you take the survey, fill in the validation code, and you will get your free Whopper sandwich. 

What Is The Best To Order At Burger King?

It is always confusing to decide what to order when we go out. Well, we have solved your problem as here is the best food available at Burger King. If you ever visit Burger King, do not forget to try them out. 

Mybkexperience -

Here are all the best food items at Burger King: Hamburger, Veggie Burger, Spicy CHICKEN CRISP Sandwich, Whopper Jr. SandwichTENDERGRILL Chicken Garden Salad, Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich, BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich, Quaker Oatmeal Maple, and Brown Sugar Flavour Onion Rings.

Burger King Store Locator

If you are having difficulty finding the nearby Burger King Stores, then here we are to help you. Here are some of the methods that will help you in finding Burger King Stores easily. 

  1. Use Google Maps:- You can use your mobile phone to find the Burger King stores near you. Search on Google ‘Burger King near me, and it will show you all the Burger King restaurants that are available near you. 
  2. Use Burger King App:- If you have installed the Burger King app on your mobile phone, you can easily find Burger King restaurants near you using the application. You can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store easily. There is an alternative option for finding the store; you can use the store locator present on, which will help you find the Burger King stores near your search location. 

Best Tips For Burger King 

Burger King is a top-rated fast food center in America. It has over 11,000 restaurants all across the globe. Burger King has been serving for the last 60 years. Here we have mentioned some of the best tips you can use at Burger King to save Money and get the best deals. 

  1. Use the burger king app: There are many benefits available for customers on the app. You can easily download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. There are coupon codes available on the app that can be used to redeem the best deals on Burger King. 
  2. Order Kids Meal when not hungry:- If you are not that hungry but want to have some, you don’t have to feel shy while ordering ids meals. There is no rule or limitation on the age of the person who can order a kids’ meal. Along with this, you can also swap your top for ice cream, cookies, or any other dessert. 
  3. Use Using experience will help you get the coupon codes as they are given after you take a survey on the website. We have mentioned in the above section how to use the website and take the survey. You might get a free whopper sandwich too. Also, you can use the code next time you are at Burger King. 
  4. Coupon codes on receipts:-  On the back of your burger king receipt, there is a coupon code available. Keep the receipt with you and use the code whenever you are there next time. You can avail yourself of some great discounts. 
  5. Use King Savers Menu:- At Burger Kings, there is a special menu available known as ‘King Savers Menu,’ you can find some great deals on the menu all within one dollar. You can order a variety of food in less from this menu.
  6. Get Customized order:- If you are not sure if your sandwich is fresh, you can ask them to make you a fresh one, or you can ask for a personalized order that will make sure that your sandwich is freshly made. 
  7. Fries and Onion Rings:- You don’t have to choose between fries and onion rings; it turns out you can have both without paying extra charges. You can ask for a container with half fries and half onion rings and never have to choose between them. 

Burger King Customer Care

If you have doubts and queries about this survey or about anything related to Burger King, then you can contact the customer service team of Burger King. They will help you out and clear your doubts. Feel free to contact them on the below toll-free number.


If you have an immediate issue, please contact them by calling from 7 am – 11 pm CST.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get a Free Whopper Sandwich at Burger King?

You can get a free Whopper Sandwich through these two ways: First, there is an offer for first-time users at Burger King if you install the app and register with your contact number, and you will get a free Whopper Sandwich. You can also get a chance to win a free whopper sandwich by taking the mybkexperience survey. 

What to eat at Burger King?

The most popular thing to eat at Burger King is the Rodeo King and the Sourdough. Some of the other popular items on the Burger King menu are the Chicken Sandwich, spicy chicken nuggets, and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. 

Who is the parent organization Burger King now?

The parent organization of Burger King is Restaurant Brands International. 

Where to fill the Burger King Survey?

You can take the Burger King Survey on


That is it. That is all we have to say about the My BK experience survey. We hope you found this article helpful and got all the information that you needed about Burger king Survey.  Please share your opinion about this article by writing in the comments section below. Your feedback means a lot to us. Thank you for stopping by.