MyBKexperience Rewards

You will receive my bk experience rewards after the completion of the burger king survey, you will get a unique code as a reward for completing the survey. It is advised to write the unique code somewhere or you write the unique code on the receipt also and keep the receipt safely for getting the reward of your choice.

There are multiple options that Burger King provides to its customers as a reward for taking the survey. You can choose from different famous American sandwiches like a chicken sandwich, a Croissan’wich and the whopper which you can get on your next burger king visit.

You have to show the receipt with the unique code to the person at the cash counter of the burger king outlet. You will get the free meal of your choice.

The reward with the unique code can only be redeemed or claimed at the store from where you have received the receipt to redeem the prize. The Burger king reward can only be taken in the form of meals, you cannot claim the reward in cash.

The My Burger King experience reward can be claimed within 30 days of the date of the unique code received from the Burger King outlet. You have to keep the receipt received from the burger king store with the unique code and can go to redeem the reward anytime in the period of 30 days and get a free meal of your choice.

One good thing is that you can participate any number of times you want to participate in the MyBKExperience survey and after completion of the survey redeem your reward. The only requirement is that you necessarily need a receipt from any of the Burger King outlet. Check the necessary information on the receipt which you get after your order and as well as the official website of Burger King for knowing the present limitations of taking the survey and find out how many times you can take the survey every month to earn a lot of rewards.

The rewards and prizes may subject to availability and can differ from time to time. You can check for the offers, rewards, and prizes or for the rules and regulations of My BK Experience on Burger King’s official website i.e. You will be informed about the recent rewards and offers launched by Burger King and can earn prizes in the form of meals by giving the opinion about Burger King.